mutual process

The process is the secret of our success, see it with your own website

What are you in for?

The meeting

We will ask and listen. Together we will find out what you need to have on your web, what is its goal and who will visit it. The usability of the website is important to us.

The first sprint

We will send you an initial draft of the website for you to approve so that you know what to expect and so that we could change it in time if need be. If you agree on the structure of the website, we will complete the draft and go on the last walk for a long time. Then the main part begins.


We’ll make some coffee. We’ll put on some Synthwave. We’ll turn our phones off. And we’ll get down to business.


We’d like to know your opinion. As the masochists we are we have to know if you dislike our draft. We do need to know. Criticism is our melange.


We’ll make a victory tea and our cooperation mode will switch to the maintenance mode. Fret not, we won’t disappear and anytime you need anything, we’ll be here for you.